59.99 USD


Running RavenCraft is a time-consuming process. It requires financial capital to pay for service providers, monthly/yearly fees, development costs, and time availability, among other costs. We from the RavenCraft team deeply appreciate that you're considering a donation to our server. Every player holds a special place in our hearts, and those that choose to support us financially really make the dream work for everyone.

Knight rank comes with the following in-game perks:

  • AuctionHouse slots: 20

  • # Jobs: 13

  • /feed bypass

  • Homes: 30

  • Playervaults: 25

  • AdvancedEnchantments

  • Knight Gkit

  • /fix

  • 2m$ + 5 conjuring keys

  • Particle: Cloud

  • Arrow Trail: Squid_Ink

  • Colored Pet names

  • Pets:

    • Tie Fighter

    • MP8

  • Towny12 perks:

    • /craft

    • /fly (part of Vulture)

All perks from this rank will never expire. One-time perks will be given on-purchase once only.